Cher closes Balmain show

Perhaps the biggest moment of fashion month so far was Cher’s appearance on the runway at Balmain’s Paris show yesterday. The icon appeared at Olivier Rousteing in a skintight, marbled black bodysuit with bold shoulders and matching leggings. As one does at 76.

“The Balmain Festival is the brand’s annual celebration of beautiful possibilities by combining the best of music and fashion,” Rousteing explained. “So, to end this year’s festival, we thought There is no better artist than Cher. After all, she has been showing everyone since the 60’s how powerful these two arts can be when combined. I know we have to have Cher with us today This year’s festive season can’t be completed without a catwalk. Also, as my team and I prepare to launch Balmain’s new line of Blaze luxury leather bags—which, as the name suggests, is directly inspired by the spirit of the intrepid trailblazer—we’re delighted that the ultimate trailblazer, Cher ( Cher, will help us introduce this new collection to the public.”

Cher, who was clearly having a good time, tweeted afterward that she had the best time and that it was “probably the best fashion show ever.”

Kanye changes Instagram avatar to Kris Jenner’s photo

Kanye West is at it again! The Yeezy designer swapped his Instagram profile picture for one of Kris Jenner, which he called a peace offering to his former mother-in-law. “I posted Kris with peace and respect for [sic] to change the narrative,” he wrote on his Instagram story. West recently lashed out at Jenner and the Kardashians. He later apologized.


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