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TopCashback started as a UK-only cashback site in 2005, but expanded to the US in 2011.

While the cashback space in the U.S. is already crowded, TopCashback in the U.S. has hit the more established sites as a real contender in helping people save money when shopping online.

How does TopCashback work?
Like other cashback sites, the way TopCashback works is that you sign up for an account, log in, and use their website to click through to other merchant sites (Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc.).

TopCashback has built some relationships and they get paid by sending traffic to these various online retailers.

Instead of taking all the money for themselves, they give you a percentage of the sale back to you, the person who clicked their link.

This gives us all the option to get a discount on almost any online purchase.


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