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Few foods are as intrinsically tied to early life as sweet cereal in brightly colored boxes adorned with eye-catching characters and the prizes promised inside. While many of these breakfast classics have their own mascots, it’s always exciting to walk down the cereal aisle and see limited-edition boxes combining a favorite snack with everything from athletes to movies.

Since its first release 45 years ago, Star Wars has touched nearly every aspect of pop culture – including food. Cereal and convenience food manufacturer Knorr is once again partnering with the sci-fi series to celebrate the recently released Obi-Wan Kenobi series, now available on Disney+.

Barbara Meskin, the marketing director behind Knorr Cereal Innovations, said these new boxes are not the first time the cereal maker and Lucasfilm have worked together. But while they have worked together in the past to bring “Star Wars” cereal to breakfast tables in the U.S. and beyond, this box and the cereal inside are brand new.

“This is the first time we’ve partnered with one of our core Kellogg’s brands for a Star Wars franchise to offer a new cereal,” Meskin told Yahoo Lifestyle. “We already have promotional partnerships between Knorr and Star Wars, but in these instances, the food is not unique.”

This July, the new cereal will hit supermarket shelves in the “Dark Side” style of classic Frosted Flakes. Inside each box, cereal-loving Star Wars fans will find a mix of the original “Light Side” and chocolate “Dark Side” frosted flakes.

Sold exclusively at Walmart, fans can also find a completely different box, where the cereals, and their relationship to the Force, are a mystery. Only when you pour out the first bowl will you know if you’re on the light side, a box full of classic frosted flakes, or the dark side, just chocolate.

With the release of yet another collaboration this summer, many fans recall the excitement of their youth when their parents would succumb to buying that coveted box of cereal.

“I remember C-3PO’s cereal, which seems like a long time ago,” says Nick Mueller, who lives in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and works as director of operations for the travel website HawaiianIslands.com. “I don’t even think I like the taste of cereal; I just remember begging my mom to buy it for me because C-3PO was my favorite character.”

Mueller recalls his love of intriguing packaging. “I remember putting a Luke Skywalker cutout mask in one of the boxes and thinking it was the coolest thing ever,” he says.

Beth Schubert, co-founder and CEO of the food website Own the Grill, says seeing Star Wars cereal immediately sent her on a trip down memory lane. “When I was younger, I have vivid memories of Star Wars cereal,” she said. “As a huge fan of the franchise, when my mom and I would go to the grocery store, I was always drawn to the cereal boxes with my favorite characters on them, no matter what the cereal was.”

“My personal favorite is C-3PO,” adds Schubert, “Not only do they taste great, but the packaging is great too. I still have a box in my attic – I want to keep the cool artwork.”

Kellogg’s C-3POs were popular back in 1984, but over the past few decades, many cereal companies have had fun celebrating the launch of the prequel movie, Star Wars: The Prequel I – The Phantom Menace: Star Wars: The Prequel III – Revenge of the Sith.

Omag Subzwa, who owns SubZero Comics in Garfield, N.J., will never forget the promotional gourmet found at General Mills for the release of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

“I remember seeing the box of Episode II cereal at my local supermarket and pleading with my parents to get it,” he said. “It was shiny, a collector’s edition, and Jango Fett, so I couldn’t resist. The cereal was okay, but the box will always hold a special place in my heart.”

In addition to the 2002 collection, General Mills released a series of boxes with Star Wars in 2015 and 2016 for the theatrical release of Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. In 2019, they did so again for Star Wars: Episode IX – Rise of the Skywalkers. In 2020, the company released a box featuring beloved Star Wars icon Grogu, affectionately known to Disney+ fans as “Yoda Baby. Some would argue that more important than the box is the limited-edition prize hidden inside.

Jonah Keel, vice president of the Los Angeles, California-based gaming and esports PR firm BHI, a division of 42West, is a self-proclaimed nerd whose own Star Wars room is filled with memorabilia – cereal including boxed prizes.

Among his collection? “An Empire Strikes Back cereal bowl, [Darth] Vader, C-3PO and punching bag masks cut from a C-3PO box, a General Mills Landspeeder hang glider and some stickers from a General Mills box.”

As a foodie and a fan of Star Wars, I have vivid childhood memories of hunting and collecting lightsaber spoons in Kellogg’s 2005 Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. In each box, I would dig out the plastic spoon and couldn’t wait to click the button and open it to see which lightsaber color I would add to my collection. For months, these were the only spoons I ate – I wish I still had one today.

Given the opportunity to sample the next cereal in a series of Star Wars collaborative collections, I can’t wait to open my box of Obi-Wan Kenobi Frosted Flakes, even if it doesn’t have a lightsaber inside. The verdict? This new frosted flake blend is even tastier than the original. The slightly sweet flakes combine perfectly with the chocolate flavor. Yes, this cereal really does make amazing chocolate cereal milk, perfect for sipping at the end of a meal.

Like me and many other fans, Oliver Zak, CEO and co-founder of Mad Rabbit, a tattoo care brand based in Los Angeles, California, recalls that as a kid, there was nothing more exciting than a fun cereal box – to start the day.

“This year marks the 20th anniversary of the year I ate a lot of General Mills cereal to promote Episode II – Attack of the Clones,” he said. “Back in 2002, there were several different collector’s editions, each with a different movie character: one box showed Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jango Fett, the bounty hunter, and another showed Anakin and Padme. the cereal itself was the same in these different versions, consisting of corn puffs and little marshmallow pieces. “

“The best part of this collaboration is that the marshmallows are shaped like iconic Star Wars symbols, including red and blue lightsabers and punching helmets,” added Zach. “As a kid, there was no better way to eat breakfast while thinking about Star Wars.”


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