Crossing the Atlantic is more than a glamorous rite of passage; it’s the last bastion of a golden age of travel. At the forefront of this magnificent voyage to and from Europe is Cunard’s Queen Mary II, the only cruise ship in the world that still holds the title of ocean liner. Get ready for 7 days of pure luxury, sophistication and bliss with Captain Aseem A. Hashmi MNM. A panacea of pleasure awaits you, as QM2 is the antidote to modern ailments. No expense has been spared on this palatial ship, which is meticulously planned from the moment passengers embark in New York to the final scene of disembarkation in Southampton, UK.

At 1,132 feet tall, Queen Mary 2 is one of the longest ladies at sea. Despite the style of a British title, the QM2 was actually born at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire, France, where it was the largest, tallest, widest and most expensive passenger ship ever built. Since her maiden voyage in 2004, her hallowed halls have been a nautical playground where the Illuminati and high society meet. His Royal Highness has hosted many of the most stylish people imaginable, including presidents, Nobel laureates and Oscar winners (Meryl Streep!). However, with this impressive historical origin, the ship’s modern accommodations, amenities and services make this glorious palace at sea the most iconic and relaxing travel experience in the world.


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