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Julia Fox chose an interesting location for her latest viral fashion moment – a supermarket.

The 32-year-old actress and muse was spotted at a Hollywood grocery store on Sunday wearing an oversized denim blazer with over-the-knee boots and little else.

Underneath the jacket, she wore a matching black and white lingerie set and a purse made of jeans designed by Alexander Wang. Her inspiration for the look? The end of the world, apparently.

“My vibe is just getting ready for the end of the world,” Fox’s Instagram caption reads.

After the photo shoot, Fox took to her Instagram story to share her thoughts on rocking a minimalist outfit in public.

“I just think if it’s socially acceptable on the beach, it should be the same everywhere, haha,” she wrote.

The actress’ fans regretted the lewd expressions in her comments, while others criticized her choice of designer and water.

“We don’t deserve you,” one user shared.

“Fashion,” wrote another.

“Other than aquafina and Alexander Wang, this is a killjoy,” one user shared, seemingly referencing the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against Wang.

The brand used the photo to poke fun at the upcoming release of “tights,” suggesting some form of collaboration between the fashion house and Fox.

“It’s not lingerie, it’s tights. Coming soon,” reads a post on the brand’s official Instagram account.

While some of Fox’s fans are loving the trendsetter’s latest shocking ensemble, others are less than impressed with the unconventional look.

“It’s a crime against denim,” shared one user.

“A pair of Joots, Boot Cut Jurse and a Jlazer,” shared another user, poking fun at the innovative use of denim that Fox has championed since making headlines with Kanye West.

The look is just one in a series of bold denim looks that have quickly become icons for the Uncut Gems star.

“Now that latex is a little used up, denim, you’re all I have left,” Fox wrote in the caption of an Instagram tutorial on how she DIY’d her own denim smocked top moment, which caused an Internet stir.


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