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When writing the perfect running playlist, you might think of fast-paced, upbeat songs that will get your heart pumping and your feet running down the sidewalk. For something that might be heavy metal, for other hip-hop, or undeniably high-energy k-pop. you might not immediately think of a songwriter like Taylor Swift. But TikTok has.

Allie Bennett, who creates fitness content on the platform, recently shared what she calls the “Taylor Swift Treadmill Strut,” which is based on Swifty’s 10 songs, starting with the track from her 2019 album Lover “The Man” begins. (She has since programmed “Treadmill Strut” into the playlists of other pop stars such as Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Rihanna.)

“Allow me to introduce you to my latest treadmill support workout,” Bennett writes in the text that appears in the video. “Find your tempo to The Man’s beat, then add 0.1 mph each time the song changes – don’t randomize the playlist!”

For the first seven songs, the tempo steadily increased by 0.1 mph, then Bennett increased the tempo to the running speed of Swift’s two faster tempo tracks, and finally reduced it to a comfortable slow walk. Because in the words of the woman herself, you need to chill out.

Here is the entire routine.

If your goal is to increase the low-impact aerobic exercise you’re doing to promote heart health or lose weight, you may find Bennett’s method useful. Or, if you’re looking to get back into running, this is a great starting point, as regularly adjusting your pace is essentially a running/walking/running method, which has been shown to be effective in increasing endurance over time.


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