Continuing with my SUMMER LOOKBOOK, I show you Look 4 – perfect for catching up with your girlfriends after work – a very simple hand-woven khadi cotton summer dress that you can belt for a more defined look, or wear alone for an easy daytime look, paired with a shimmer of boots and a bag in for a pop of blue to make the look even more exciting. I’m trying to bring you looks and dresses you can wear every day, independent brands you can discover instead of running to Zara, Forever 21, H&M, etc. every time you want to shop so you can have clothes you wouldn’t buy just to be proud to wear, but styles that will also last longer than disposable F21 products. That’s pretty much the point of the #RedhuxIndieDesign hashtag – to bring you local brands that make great products – that I would wear in a heartbeat (and prefer to fast fashion brands).

I’ll tell you one thing though – the hot weather didn’t make it easy for me to shoot outfits for the summer LOOKBOOK. Ideally, I’d like to document all my special summer outfits for you guys, but it’s getting harder and harder – I’m not an early riser, so early morning shoots straight out the window, I can’t always find indoor, air-conditioned locations to shoot looks and shooting my photos in the open air is out of the question. Yuck!

Hope you like the look! All the details and links to the dresses at the end of the post!

{ outfit details }
Khadi Cotton Dress: AlterEgo
Handbag: Chanel
Booties: Dorothy Perkins
Location courtesy of The Westin Gurgaon
My photos courtesy of Aman Godara
I hope you enjoyed this post!


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