Change the look back so you can enjoy your outfit for the summer! It’s a pretty basic look with a few fun twists – like a madras plaid cotton jacket, goggles, and a high ponytail – other than that, it’s just a white t-shirt and denim shorts!
The heat in Delhi has really gotten a little crazy, so this outfit may not fit anymore, but in all fairness, I did take this photo a few weeks ago when we were lucky enough to have stormy days in northern India – stormy days are simply awful. Also, I love a light blazer (especially one with a madras plaid!) — it adds so much more personality to any outfit. This is actually a men’s blazer that I wear – sometimes men’s clothes fascinate me.

All the outfit details are at the end of the blog post!

{ outfit details }
Jacket: Genes Lecoanet Hemant
Sunglasses: Goggles on loan from Barratt
Sneakers: Lotto Sports Italy
Hope you enjoyed this post!


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