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Rosetta Getty is a collaborator who is often inspired by many ideas that are not usually associated with the fashion ecosystem. For example, in the fall of 2022, she was associated with the Women’s History Museum. For the resort, she turned to interior design, working with architects Charlap Hyman & Herrero. “My process as a designer is very similar,” Getty explains. “It’s unusual for an architectural practice to work so collaboratively with an artist.” The collaboration led to the interior design space for the showroom where Andre Herrero shot the lookbook, creating a living world for Getty’s resort offerings.

The Look: Based on her signature textured fabrics, the relaxed look is complemented by a delightful pop of color, print and plaid.

Quote: “I always browse our archives each season as part of my research and process. This time I was drawn to our original granny square sweater. Grandma Square is very personal and delightful in so many ways. It also opened the door to many colors,” Getty explains.

Key pieces: cream suit wide-leg pants, shredded short-sleeved weekday dresses, denim plus dresses, collarless jackets; Macintosh jackets with wide flared sleeves brought a fresh take on the classic coat; swimming updates; red leather separates; knitwear (a brand classic) featuring ribbed dresses and pink cardigans.

Footwear was the focus. Getty successfully collaborated with Ecco, and she plans to continue developing the category by reinventing shoes in new ways.

The Gist: Getty has the convenience of dressing for Los Angeles, wearing the essentials – jackets, tailored pants, chic flowy tops and everyday denim – for work, play or vacation.


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