So today I had my first PRP treatment at Skin Alive. I’ve heard a lot about this treatment (it’s also known as a vampire facial because some people’s faces look soaked in blood during and after the procedure) and have been wanting to complete one for quite some time. The problem with PRP Facials is that you can only complete it if you don’t have any active acne on your face, and since I do struggle with acne, I always have some form of acne on my face – whether it’s just blossoming, right is raging or is fading – -there’s always something to deal with. However, this month I realized that I hadn’t had a single acne lesion since my last menstrual cycle. So I jumped up and made an appointment for a PRP treatment.

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. Now, this treatment involves extracting blood from my arm, separating the plasma from the blood while I apply a numbing cream to my face for about 30 to 45 minutes. After that, the dermatologist draws out the plasma with a separate syringe and begins to microneedle my face with a skin roller while spraying my plasma into thousands of small holes or “channels” in my skin because of the fine needles on the skin roller. Thanks to the numbing cream, I couldn’t feel anything while all this was going on. But my skin does look redder than I see in certain areas and places, depending on where my facial skin is sensitive – for me, this is around my nose, around my lips and under my eyes. It doesn’t look pretty, but that’s why it’s called the Vampire Facial.

The numbing cream also felt a little strange – like ice was constantly running over my face. It wasn’t cold, but it felt cold – another first experience for me. That’s the numbing cream on my face.

Blood was being drawn.

The plasma was being separated from the blood.

Microneedling was being done on my face.

Plasma being sprayed during microneedling.

The reason PRP treatments have gained so much attention is that because your own blood is used and your own plasma is injected back into your skin, the chance of an allergic reaction to your skin is eliminated because there are no foreign substances or chemicals used for it.

When your skin is injected with platelet-rich plasma, it stimulates collagen and elastin fibers to promote cell renewal. This rejuvenates the skin, helps resolve any acne scars on the face, brightens the skin tone and even slightly tightens the skin. This is all because platelets are rich in growth and repair hormones, and microneedling stimulates skin regeneration.

The plasma stays on my face as if dried up. I wasn’t supposed to do anything for the next 3 hours and I could wash my face. The follow up is fairly simple – apply antibacterial cream and lots of sunscreen for 4 days. You can wear makeup the next day if you wish.

This was an exciting experience for me because it was my first time. Now my skin looks bruised and red, and the dry plasma is still there so it feels tight (like when you put an egg white mask on your face, it tightens up)

Skin Alive Pricing: Rs 25,000 for a single session. 45k for a pack of 3 sessions (plus tax)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my first PRP treatment. I can’t wait to see if it makes any difference! If it’s of interest to you, Skin Alive is a great place to get PRP done.

I hope you enjoy this post!
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