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Pink hair is not for the faint of heart, but over the past few years we’ve seen experimenters willing to embrace a shift in their appearance. Is the atmosphere average now? Fun, freedom, and living in the moment. That’s probably why pink hair continues to dominate our Instagram feeds.

It provides an instant mood boost and, for blondes, converting in and out using temporary hair dye is a very easy transition. If you’re a brunette, pre-bleaching is required, or for the non-committal, we can always play around with wigs like some celebrities.

For inspiration, turn your head and check out Lizzo’s latest hair makeover. Just this week, the singer-songwriter took to Instagram to show off pink layered curls, and we’re totally smitten.

Of course, Lizzo is far from the only celebrity to have tried this shade. Late last year, J.Lo unveiled messy waves in cotton candy.

Paris Hilton posted photos of the Bubblegum Bob wig.

Naomi Osaka dabbled in fuchsia wigs before her bikini campaign with Frankie.

Kaia Gerber created punky pink dip-dyed tresses for herself with virtual assistance from hair guru Guido Palau.

Shakira tried a deep red pink.

Lady Gaga served us pink lemonade.

The good news is that washing out the dye means you can try it out for a few days and move on. Or we can ask our stylist to help us create a masterpiece. If you’d like to try it out yourself at home, here’s what professional hair colorist Josh Wood suggests.

  1. Condition it.
    “Use a deep conditioning hair mask before you color your hair – it really helps with the porosity of the hair, which creates a more even result.”
  2. test the patch.
    “Always do a patch test – you put the color behind your ear – ideally a strand test – you put the color on the hair on – check that you have no reaction to the color. Leave it on for 48 hours and try not to get it wet if possible. If you have no adverse reaction, you’re good to go.”
  3. set a barrier.
    “To prevent hair color from staining your skin, apply a barrier cream around your hairline. These aren’t included in all home color kits, so you can use Vaseline.”
  4. section smart.
    “Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb beforehand; smooth hair means you won’t have color clumps or lost patches. Then divide your hair into a “criss-cross bun,” or four sections. Try to keep your sections neat and tidy so you can keep track of which parts are colored and which are not. Use a comb, or even the tip of a color bottle, to trim your hair as you go.”
  5. point it.
    “I recommend using the ‘dotting method’ when coloring. Start by dabbing the color in a line apart along your part, then push those dots into your roots first to get maximum coverage, being careful not to accidentally rub off the color. Then brush the color across the length and finish in the last 10 minutes to provide a salon finish of fresh color.”

Want a more subtle shade? Try white hair, or browse our library of blonde or brunette color options.


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