Now, when I searched the internet for recipes for Jungli/Junglee Maas, I wasn’t happy with the recipes I found. Jungli Maas is a very old preparation method used to cook meat for kings (usually wild game such as wild boar/deer etc.) when they traveled long distances (no trains or cars etc., transportation was usually animal drawn) ) or their hunts also lasted a long time (think weeks or even months). Because of the duration of these trips, very little fresh produce and groceries are used up in the first few days, and for the rest of the time, the cooks rely on all the dry ingredients they carry or whatever fresh produce is available along the way, the latter being very rare. So the “dry” ingredients that don’t spoil for long are dried red peppers, salt and ghee. These are the only three ingredients that ultimately make up the “Jhonglimas” preparation. Jhongli means “wild” and Mas means “meat”. Wild meat ladies and gentlemen has only salt + dried red pepper + ghee to prepare meat dishes. Now of course most people use meat/lamb as the “meat” part of the dish and there are many different recipe variations using garlic, onions and many other seasonings, but the real Jungli Maas is the one with only these three ingredients. Finally, unable to find the original recipe online, we decided to make it ourselves – the original way – and share it here for those who are interested in the real deal.

Now, before the covid-19 quarantine began, we had quite a bit of meat in the fridge, and somewhere around 2 weeks after the quarantine began, we decided to “take care” of all of it together, because cooking it makes a bit of a mess in the kitchen, and we wanted to be able to clean it all up at once, rather than putting ourselves through it over and over again. experience. So we decided to cook the meat 3 ways – plain Indian red curry + marinade to grill/roast in the oven to make dry appetizers and Jungli Maas. Jungli Maas is of course the easiest and quickest to prepare and the tastiest of all 3. So let’s get started.

About 1 kg of meat – we kept the boneless pieces for this purpose, but you can even use the bones, but use them sparingly.
12-14 dried red peppers soaked in water for 15-20 minutes
a good amount of salt
A big dollop of ghee (yes, this is not for the faint of heart, but if it scares you, you should try it once in your life)

Pour the ghee into the pan. Heat it up really well.
Add the meat cubes and let them roast a bit.
Add the soaked red pepper + salt. Mix everything together and cook until the meat is tender.
(You can choose to add water little by little if you think this dish is too dry, but if you use enough ghee, this shouldn’t be a problem)
That’s it.

Enjoy the most amazing smelling and tasting meat dish you have ever eaten. Just keep that in mind and my mouth will be full of flavor. You can soak up the ghee with a simple roast, soft scones or even bread. Almost everything tastes great, even then.

Make sure you pat the meat dry before cooking.

All the liquid you see here is ghee 😀 .

Final dish

Served with beer

These two photos are of the other curry preparations we made 🙂 .

With black rice and raw peeled onions (just the way I like it!)

*All of this is made by Aman of course. I helped with some of the menial but more laborious chores, like chopping and cleaning the dishes afterwards. Hahaha. Must mention the records. Well, Aman asked me to write that he did the boning’

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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