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Well, time hasn’t passed! I’ve been meaning to put this post together for a while, but #exhausted and #priorities. at least I’m going in before the baby comes!

I’m 35 weeks along now, almost there, and dressing for my new body type has really opened my eyes.

I thought being pregnant in the winter would be great, with oversized knits and jackets everywhere to hide the early stages. I didn’t realize how quickly I would get rid of jeans and pants and how much I would rely on those pieces in my closet. I also didn’t choose maternity jeans and pants, which I’m sure are great, but now I’m making it work without them.

So, I only have a few options, which include knit and cotton ribbed dresses, knit dresses with elastic waists that I wear under bump and halter dresses that have a slope, and then layer after layer.

Embrace the lumps. I usually avoided tight clothes before pregnancy, but during pregnancy, choosing clothes that flatter your curves feels more flattering than looser clothes, especially in the winter. I think this also applies more to longer pieces, which is what I was looking for. If it’s a short dress that shows your legs, then I think a loose dress is cute, or if it’s a summer dress that shows your arms, then you can go for something looser.

Pair it with a thin jacket, cardigan, trench coat or jacket. Putting that layer over the top of something more huggable will ruin the look and I love how it kindly hides my hips and bum.

Use as much of your closet as possible. I’ve been working on making my pregnancy shopping really conscious and have only added a few new pieces. It’s easy to get excited and want to add a lot of new pregnancy pieces, but I’ve been able to utilize a lot of my regular closet. In particular, my twill halter dress survived as the foundation of the outfit on most days. Now that I’m nearing the end, I’m also thinking about comfortable summer pieces that are breastfeeding friendly, which is a completely different styling consideration.


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