I had almost forgotten how to do this.

Many times over the years, I have advocated for creatives and small businesses to have their own platforms. Don’t put all their eggs in one social media basket, so to speak.

But with my ever-changing list of priorities, like having kids, growing my business and moving my creative projects primarily to social media channels, this blog has gotten a little dusty. But I need to remind myself to remember my own advice to remove the cobwebs and make sure the content I’m creating doesn’t disappear within 24 hours.

I posted these images on my Instagram account the other day. It was a rainy winter day and we were entering a new new crown outbreak lockdown in Sydney, so it was feeling a bit painful. My son was taking a nap, so I decided to use my “me time” window to create some content and it felt really good to do something creative for myself.

Wearing Deiji Studios linen loungewear, which has been my go-to for the past few years. Their suits are perfect during and after pregnancy and are my favorite gift for expectant friends. I live in Deiji linen short suits in the summer and wear them to the beach for swimming. Become one of the essential pieces in your closet.


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