A fusion look infected with my Indian vibe. Silk brocade with delicate paisley patterns, combined with sea green and gold, seemed perfect for a romantic version of the jodhpuri pants. There are no extra seams. With just one side zipper and two others to accommodate the legs, you have a very well-fitting, elegant pair of pants that don’t look fancy. To keep the look from going too far, I prefer to pair a simple white cotton top with overall English embroidery. To complete the look, you must have a beautiful piece of jewelry that speaks for itself. But it’s not too much. Jodhpuris are a classic style that never go out of style. Depending on how radical you want to get, you can try different cuts and styles of the same. But always remember where to draw the line and always remember to have fun.
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Top: Sarojini Nagar; Pants: Akanksha Redhu; Footwear: Walkabout; Model: Meeeee


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