I’ve started dreaming about spring travel plans. With travel plans comes a very exciting event for your travel shopping! I’d really like to indulge in some lingerie shopping on vacation to make myself look and feel stylish! Isn’t that what lingerie is really for! I stumbled upon the amanté Lingerie website and found some really cute styles that I thought I would pick up for myself. I’m sharing my favorite picks here and I’m sure they will cover all women’s various moods/occasions and needs. With 6 pairs of Amante panties and 6 bras, they are perfect for all your lingerie needs.

Classic Fashion Bras
Love the striped detailing on the red bra here …… makes it look very chic and stylish. A nude colored bra with steel ring padding is a must in any woman’s closet. I usually wear mine under anything white, or like all the fun t-shirts I wear when I travel. It is the most versatile undergarment you can carry with you on vacation.

Fancy and fun bras for every mood
Add a fun element to your look with this plunging top style lace bra. You can wear a casual t-shirt that tends to fall off your shoulders …… kind of shows off the blue lace. It’s super nice! Or you can wear the bra as a top.
A strapless bra is another must-have in everyone’s closet. And red is a super stylish and classic color. Perfect for a lace-up or strapless dress you can wear at sunset.

I have a personal bias against unpadded, lacy, steel band bras, which is why this red one is on my list 🙂 . Also, personally, unpadded bras are easier to pack because you can store them flat with the rest of your outfit.
This cool, basic, solid-colored black bra features moisture management technology that allows it to wick sweat and regulate moisture so you stay fresh all day long. It’s a great piece of clothing when you know you’ll be exploring new places all day and need a bra that can carry you around all day.

These red panties go well with the first bra I shared, and with them is another must-have piece for your closet. Black lace laces are a must, they’re stylish and fun! Black lace panties are great under any black outfit while making you feel super comfortable in them.

A cute, tiny floral print panty that stays light. I’d wear it best under casual jeans. And a nude lace panty – another must-have essential for everyone. Best for white/skin tone or any color outfit.

I love high waisted briefs because they tend to hide any waist bulge you may not be happy with and smooth out all the silhouettes 🙂 . Will go perfectly with the high waisted jeans I like to wear most of the time when I travel.
I love purple briefs mostly because of their unique color! It’s always fun to carry a pop of different colors.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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