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Kim Kardashian says she’s not opposed to taking extreme measures to maintain a youthful appearance.

In an interview with The New York Times, the 41-year-old reality TV star talked about her latest venture: a high-end skincare line called SKKN. Kardashian’s nine-step skincare routine includes ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide, shea butter and squalene – but that’s not the only tool Kardashian uses to get her skin glowing when she needs it.

“If you told me I really had to eat poo every day and I’d look younger, I probably would,” she told the paper. “I just might.”

While the Kardashian star doesn’t have any poo in her skincare line, some may be hesitant about the price tag. All nine items cost $630 – a price point necessary to ensure quality, Kardashian told The New York Times.

“I use much more expensive products with comparables and can’t compare anything,” the mom of four noted. “I try to get quality at the best price, especially with the vitamin C serum.”

Compared to Kardashian’s previous routine, the $630 price point may be a good deal. In 2018, she listed her complete skincare regimen on her since-defunct blog. At the time, people shared that her products were selling for up to $4,500. Commenting on her daily life at the time, Kardashian wrote, “I love trying new beauty and skincare products, but there are some I will never give up. I’ve gotten into such good habits because I use products that work in tandem and really see results!”

In addition to talking about her skincare routine, Kardashian also revealed to the New York Times how she feels about the controversy surrounding her weight loss to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s gold dress at the Met Gala this year. The KKW Beauty founder shared with Vogue that she lost 16 pounds to wear the dress on the red carpet after leaving it unzipped during her initial fitting, prompting accusations that she was encouraging toxic dieting. However, Kardashian doesn’t see it that way.

“To me, ‘Well, Christian Bale can do this for a movie role and it’s acceptable,'” she noted. “Even Renée Zellweger has gained weight for a role. It’s all the same to me. I’m not saying, ‘Hey, everybody, why don’t you lose this weight in a short amount of time?'”

Kardashian recently reflected on another career milestone: appearing on the cover of a special Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

“Every time I saw the magazine, especially in the ’90s when I was growing up, it was always these perfect, tall, slim women, and I was never like that,” she shared in a video for the magazine. “I clearly remember Tyra Banks on the cover, and curvy women, and I remember thinking that was so cool, so cool. But I still don’t think I would. I thought you had to be a professional model and a fashion model. And it was always young girls. I don’t want to date myself, or sound old, but in my 40s? That’s crazy. I never thought in a million years I would be shooting one myself.


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