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Corsets, bodices, chaps and petticoats are all on the list of oddly named garments (none of which originated in this century, of course). As much as I think we’ve completely moved on to common names, Kim Kardashian’s obsession with “pantaboot” has become apparent. Kim Kardashian has been seen in this style twice this week, which begs the question: what are pantabots and why does Kim Kardashian keep wearing them?

Unlike the revival of the corset, pantaboots don’t have a long history (or indeed) in the fashion world. The shoe-tight combination is a new phenomenon that can be credited to designers like Balenciaga. The style usually starts with a pointed-toe high-heeled boot that extends upward in a monochromatic velvet, nylon or spandex material – I like to think of these as over-the-knee boots for jeans. The smooth continuous shape of the pantyhose has a superhero effect and immediately elongates the wearer’s silhouette – which is probably why the style has become a favorite of celebrities and paparazzi.

Aside from the elongating effect of the boots (wow, I feel silly every time I write the name), there are probably two main reasons why Kim Kardashian keeps wearing them. First, and most obviously, Kardashian is the newest face of Balenciaga – with the exception of the short Dolce & Gabanna look she created for her sister’s wedding, she rarely takes a break from wearing the brand.

Kim Kardashian’s TikTok ads have served me well in person – she stands in an empty room, typing on her phone in pink boots, at least four times a day (yes, I spend way too much time on TikTok).

Another reason I imagine Kim Kardashian wears boots a lot is that once you put a pair on, they seem to be hard to take off. As Kardashian expressed in her Met Gala Marilyn Monroe gown, once she looks closely, she commits. Seriously, the curve-hugging style fits in perfectly with Kardashian’s personal SKIMS brand. By wearing Balenciaga’s boots, she reinforced the idea of shapewear and made it available to fans at a more affordable price.

The multi-faceted reality star also made it a point to prove that pantsuits work for almost any occasion. She’s worn them front row at fashion shows, on the Met Gala red carpet, and even while running errands at CVS. Most recently, her favorite occasion to wear boots was date night.

Kim Kardashian was spotted twice this week in this style, with Pete Davidson next to her in a more casual outfit. The couple arrived in the UK ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, with Kim Kardashian out shopping in a pair of champagne-colored boots. She paired it with a simple zip-up hoodie, Balenciaga Le Cagole bag and sports sunglasses.

Just a day before the couple’s shopping outing, Kardashian went out to dinner wearing an all-black version of the look. The outfit is almost identical to the subtle change in sunglasses shape from sporty to alien. Personally, I’d love to see Kim Kardashian try something different with her style – especially if she’s moving into her own fashion territory after her divorce from Kanye West. However, I do respect her consistency and commitment to her signature look. It’s safe to say that if you don’t think boots are a trend you can fall behind on, you can at least follow in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps and start wearing them on repeat without shame.


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