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While ketchup often splits us, it’s hard to deny that this condiment is popular in the summer. Slathered on burgers, hot dogs and brats fresh off the grill, ketchup is essentially essential at every summer barbecue. So, why not add it to frozen foods?

The seemingly very American and patriotic ketchup popsicles are actually popular in Canada right now. To celebrate the first week of summer, French’s Ketchup has launched a limited edition ketchup-flavoured popsicle called Frenchsicle. ketchup sodas are available at flash stores across Canada until June 24.

Like any good ketchup, the savoury taste of pop is complemented by a little “salty sweetness”. The popsicles are made in collaboration with Happy Pops, an all-natural Canadian popsicle store, and are made from Canadian tomatoes.

Frenchsicles will be distributed at locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Leamington. And, for each lucky recipient, Frenchsicles will donate two meals to the Canadian Food Bank.

According to a survey commissioned by French’s, approximately 79% of Canadians say they like or prefer ketchup, and 78% of Canadians who like ketchup think it’s important to buy ketchup made from Canadian tomatoes.

While you won’t be able to get French cuisine outside of Canada (road trip, anyone?) ), you can use this simple recipe to make your own ketchup frozen treats at home. Now, who’s ready to grill? We’ve got plenty of ketchup worth enjoying all summer long, from juicy burgers to hot dogs (just don’t put ketchup on Chicago dogs).


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