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Lucille Stone, then 21, made her own wedding dress in the summer of 1960. Sixty years later, with three children, six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, the fanatical sewer added a satin insert to the waist — “I like to tell people that the sand moved a bit,” she quipped — and then again Slipped on a white lace gown for an unforgettable, now trending photoshoot for her diamond wedding anniversary to husband Marvin.

When the Kearney, Nebraska-based couple made an appointment with photographer Katie Autry for their Aug. 21 anniversary, their initial idea was simple. Nothing special, just a fresh photo to include in their annual Christmas letter to friends and loved ones.

“Then I started thinking, ‘Well, I think I can still wear my wedding dress, it’s in a box upstairs,” Lucille, who turns 82 in October, told Yahoo Life. “We have Marvin’s suit – he hasn’t changed.”

Marvin, 89, still wears his old early ’50s military uniform, and in the six years since he said “I do”, his waist has only grown “about an inch or so”—he’s a gamer. So did Autry, who took a series of romantic photos of the couple at a ranch near their home. Since the photographer posted the photo online along with the couple’s relationship advice (example prompts: “Think before you speak” and “Work hard”), the resulting photo has gone viral.

Since becoming a teacher in 1959, this advice has clearly been helpful for long-term lovers. This is home economics teacher Lucille’s first teaching job outside of school. Marvin, an Army veteran seven years her senior, was “the only bachelor in the academy.” Their first date was for a high school game and “the rest is history”.

“We were school gossip,” she said of their courtship, a winter that saw Nebraska hit by a series of snowstorms that also included playing bridge. “By May, we were engaged.”

They got married on August 21st. On August 21 this year, they celebrated their 60-year milestone with a “cute” family dinner – “we don’t want to make a fuss” – and a slew of anniversary cards from well-wishers to be published in the local paper after the announcement.

The Rolling Stones are baffled by their current viral fame, but in the end it’s just one of countless unforgettable moments in each other’s lifetimes.

Lucille attributes the longevity of their marriage to their shared Christian beliefs, as well as hard work, patience and understanding of their long-term involvement.

“You have to go into it with the idea that it’s permanent,” she said. “None of us ever thought about divorce. If we were angry with each other, it was just a fleeting moment.

“[We started thinking about marriage] It was a permanent, life-long deal. “Until death separates us. “


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