Bottoms are a versatile piece in every girl’s closet, but not everyone knows how to wear them properly. As part of a layering dress, many people think bottoms are meant to be worn. It’s hard to wear bottoms as a pair of pants and not as a pair of tights under other clothes if you’re wearing them for a chic look, but obviously, the choice is yours. Bottoms can be worn in any season and can be fashionable by combining and mixing colors and choosing the right shoes. To make sure you are wearing stylish bottoms, follow these steps

  1. First understand the code of conduct for bottoms
    Don’t wear tights that are too tight or too loose
    Your leggings should be tight enough to cover your legs tightly, but not so tight that any dimples between your legs will be noticeable. Make sure they are not so loose that they start to wrap around your thighs, as this is not very flattering. In addition to looking better, you will find ones that fit well but feel more comfortable. They seem to be relentless and can gather and trigger unflattering lines on certain types of bodies, while anyone can wear leather leggings.

Think of leggings as pants
Some people think this is not the case and they are entitled to their opinion. You can walk out of the house comfortably in pants and a shirt, or if you prefer, in leggings. Wear what you want as long as you don’t intend to show too much. Pair leggings with a longer top or jacket. Even if the shirt hits you under the butt, you still look like you walked out of the house without it on. Your leggings can be paired with a shirt, skirt or even shorts.

Don’t wear the wrong shoes with leggings
Bottoms look perfect with knee-high boots, sandals, flip-flops, or even low-top boots. Make sure they fit your shirt and that you don’t look too dirty if you’re wearing tights with heels or stilettos. With ballet flats or mocassins, tights can look great as long as the shoes match the rest of your outfit.

Make sure your tights are long enough
There was a time when you may have looked great in the perfect black leggings, but after washing them a hundred times, you may find them a few inches above your ankles or sagging at the knees. It’s time to save those leggings for days when you don’t go out, or wear pants or pants on very cold days when you notice the discomfort.

Don’t mix leggings with jeans
Jeggings are jeans leggings, usually a cross between jeans or other leggings and pants. Pairing them with skinny, elegant bottoms helps add interest to a normal outfit, and you can wear them like pants. Pair denim blue with a “boyfriend” cream sweater and loafers for a classic look. Although skinny pants and tops that fall to the waist are a major no-no for many, you can pair jeans with a short shirt. Just make sure the jeggings can rock you. These are really tight and don’t work for everyone.

  1. How to play in bottoms
    Wear leggings with a cute sundress
    Put on a short or stretchy summer dress and pair it with cotton leggings that match the color of the dress. Obviously, dresses and bottoms should not be the same color, but coordinated. For example, if there are five different colors on the dress, choose only tights that fit at least one of those colors. If your dress is busy with a design, choose solid-colored tights. You can also wear a solid-colored dress and a pair of patterned tights, then tie a solid-colored scarf over your dress, or vice versa.

Wearing leggings with a skirt
How to wear leggings

With tights, choose a skirt that looks good. Make sure the color and material of the skirt doesn’t clash with the bottoms. If you’re wearing a mismatched skirt, wear a tight shirt so you don’t have too many ruffled things. If your skirt has a pattern, wear simple leggings. If the skirt is simple, wear patterned tights or tights in a bright enough color so they don’t blend in with the skirt.

Wearing leggings with shorts
How to wear tights

This can be a cute and casual look. All you have to do is put on a pair of regular leggings and some denim, white or black shorts and you’re good to go. They won’t be so close together that the shorts blend in with the leggings. With this look, wear loafers. Flats, low boots, sandals, or even sneakers will work. Pair them with a long jacket or top and a skinny tank or t-shirt. Know that you’ve got a lot going on when you wear shorts and leggings, so either own it and wear lots of layers or keep it easy and just don’t do anything in between. If the sweater and boots are solid colors, try some patterned leggings.

Try patterned leggings
How to wear leggings

Striped or leggings covered with hypnotic leopards or zebras will give you a fun and f


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