Now that cardigans are a style, women are becoming more and more nervous about how to wear them this winter. And while cardigans are practical, these can be a little trickier to wear while wearing them. We’ve been trying to determine what makes some cardigans look cute and others look sloppy, and our best advice is right here!

How to wear a cardigan without being sloppy
Calculate the best cardigan length for your body type
Women’s bodies are different. Based on all things fashion, certain types are more attractive to some of us than others.

Wear a dress with a belt underneath
Make sure it’s fitted underneath, especially if the cardigan is loose; otherwise you’ll look wider than you actually are.

Wear a more fitted cardigan
How to wear a cardigan

For young people, loose cardigans are popular, but honestly, unless you are tall and thin, you will look visually weighted by wearing a loose oversized cardigan.

The arms of your cardigan should fit
How to wear a cardigan

After comparing multiple photos of people wearing different cardigans, this is another important insight that people with slimmer arms look beautiful. So if you’re slim, you’ll be much less nervous about how to wear a cardigan.

Follow the current trends
How to wear a cardigan

As with all other clothing, cardigan patterns change. And if you wear a more modern style, you’ll still look less sloppy, as long as it suits your body type.

Show some skin
How to wear a cardigan

Many of us wear cardigans to feel comfortable and warm, so it’s tempting to wear them over a turtleneck or crew-neck top, but most cardigans will be more flattering than an open-neck top.

Beware of wearing loose cardigans
How to wear a cardigan

Cardigans can be cool if it’s intentionally slouchy, but don’t try to make it oversized. If you’re wearing a loose cardigan, we suggest you wear something more fitted underneath. Wear the cardigan in such a way so that it frames the garment rather than hiding it.

Don’t ignore the back view
How to wear a cardigan

Long, straight cardigans are having a bit of a moment right now, but be sure to check out the back view before you choose to buy one. From the front, they look fine, but if you turn around, they can be very wrong.

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