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gasoline price
GetUpside has become my favorite app for buying gas. Once you install the app, they’ll pay you cash back for fueling at partner gas stations, which can then be redeemed for gift cards.

Before you refuel, you bring up the app and it displays a map of gas stations in your area. If a gas station participates in their program, you can see the gas price and how much you get from their cash back per gallon.

Shell, BP and Exxon are just a few of the gas stations participating in the scheme.


Difficulty – easy
Pay – 25 gift card options and Alipay
Withdrawal Hours – If you drive a lot, you should be able to withdraw cash monthly.

TopCashBack pays you for your online purchases. By building relationships, they pay them a commission for sending buyers to retailers’ websites.

Instead of keeping that money for themselves, TopCashBack pays you a commission and only keeps the bonus they get from the bulk of buyers sent by their affiliates.

The percentage of cash back varies from 1% to 25%.


Difficulty – easy
Available Gift Cards – Gift Cards from
Withdrawal time – depends on how many online purchases you have made

Swag Booker
Swagbucks is one of the top sites that pays you to do things online. They are a collection of all the ways to get paid.

They started paying you to do internet searches through their search engine and expanded to get paid for taking surveys, shopping, watching videos, playing games, and a few other ways.


Difficulty – varies by mission
Gift Cards Available – Over 50 gift cards can be redeemed for $5.
Cash Out Time – Should be cash out every month.

SurveyJunkie is a highly rated paid survey site. They have a ton of surveys, which makes it easy to qualify and maintain regular income.


Difficulty – Moderate
Payments – Over five gift card options and Paypal
Cash Out Time – If you complete surveys regularly, you can cash out every one to two months.

LifePoints is one of the largest survey sites in the world. They do market research for big companies.

Like SurveyJunkie, they also have plenty of surveys to choose from, so you can keep making money.


Difficulty – Moderate
Payments – Exchange your points for gift cards at a plethora of merchants and restaurants.
Withdrawal time – 30-60 days


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