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More than a month has passed since a draft revealed the Supreme Court’s opinion on overturning the landmark abortion case, Roe v. Wade, was leaked. Since that day, people across the country have taken action. Individuals and companies alike have taken to the streets to encourage engagement with state representatives and to spread the word about the American reality when the final decision is finally made – and for good reason.

If implemented, the legislature surrounding abortion would fall into the hands of each state, allowing the 13 states with trigger laws to eliminate choice altogether – limiting access to safe procedures nationwide.

Thankfully, the beauty industry is following in the footsteps of the change makers in fashion. More than 60 brands have signed on as partners of Don’t Ban Equality, a coalition supported by nonprofits like the Center for Family Planning and Reproductive Rights, which is dedicated to researching why reproductive rights are critical to business operations.

Participants include Facial Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Andalou Naturals, Andrew Fitzsimons Haircare, Beautyologie, Beekman 1802, Benefit Cosmetics, Beyond Yoga Black Girl Sunscreen, Caire Beauty, Circumference, cocokind, CRUDE Personal Care, Dame Products, e.l.f. Beauty, Ellis Brooklyn, Emilie Heather, Esq. Beauty, Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, Fur, Ghost Democracy , Glow, Inc., Luminous Formulas, Golde, goop, GROWN ALCHEMIST, Hanny, HBFIT, Hellablack, Hyper Skin, Innersense Organic Beauty Inc. , JamieMakeup, Jenny Patinkin Eco-Luxe Beauty Tools, Joanna Vargas Skin Care, Keira Ashley (Brand), Kinship, KraveBeauty, KVD Vegan Beauty, KYPRIS, Lime Crime, Lip Lab, lululemon, Lush Cosmetics, MakeLoveNotPorn, MUTHA, natureofthings, Nuria Beauty, Ole Henriksen, Otherland, Pacifica Beauty, PATTERN Beauty, Plantkos, Saie, SAINT JANE, Sienna Naturals, Starface, State Of Menopause, Symbiome, Tenoverten, The Body Shop, The Little Market, Tower 28, Uni Refill System, Urban Skin Rx, Veracity, VIOLET GREY, VSPOT, ZIIP and ZitSticka.

Outside of the collective, individual brands, large and small, are donating proceeds and speaking out.

Read on to learn what beauty brands are doing to ensure women continue to have the right to choose and how you can help.

Billie, the popular razor and body care brand, made its stance clear via an Instagram post shortly after the leak became public. “From day one, we’ve celebrated and supported women’s right to make choices for themselves,” the brand wrote in its post. Billie also announced that they have donated $100,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union to “help provide resources for those who fight to protect human rights” and encourage others to do the same.

Ouai, a hair care and wellness brand that has long been outspoken on a variety of social issues, posted on Instagram to raise funds for its fundraising campaign, “Keep Our Clinics. “We see OUAI – women are the only ones who should be making decisions about their own bodies,” the post’s caption reads. “Abortion is a form of health care.” In addition to the initial $15,000 donation, the brand has pledged to donate an additional $1 for every post it receives that is liked and linked to helpful resources and organizations.

MAC Cosmetics
The renowned cosmetics company continued its 19-year relationship with UNICEF with a $1.5 million, two-year grant to the organization just days after the overturned ruling was leaked. “This grant will support UNICEF’s mission to end inequality by helping to close the HIV treatment gap and improve the quality of care for women and girls around the world,” MAC shared via Instagram.

e.l.f Cosmetics
e.l.f announced plans to donate $25,000 to Planned Parenthood on Instagram, adding, “e.l.f. supports a woman’s right to choose and access to reproductive health care for all. As a brand committed to empowering women, we believe in protecting women’s rights.” The cosmetics brand also said they will match any employee donations and “pay for travel and lodging to provide comprehensive reproductive health care services to [their] employees.”

Youth to the People
Vegan skincare brand Youth to the People also used social media to share a guide to reproductive rights and healthcare access resources. “Whether you have a uterus or just believe that anyone with a uterus should have the right to decide what to do with it, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of resources for access to reproductive health care for all,” the brand wrote in an Instagram post. The guide contains helpful information on how to contact a representative and where to donate.

Benefit Cosmetics
In an Instagram post, Benefit Cosmetics posted a note reaffirming its partnership with Planned Parenthood. “Reproductive rights are health care rights. Period,” the post reads. “As a brand founded by women in the 1970s, we’re outraged that the #ReproductiveRights fight is just as prevalent today.” The brand then urged followers to take action by donating and registering to vote.


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