Ah, this is the first blog post of 2019. As much as I love sharing content on Instagram, I do prefer my blog – it allows me to share more photos, write more, and share a more detailed story with you guys Do. It’s totally mine – not controlled by any algorithm, new app features are introduced every 3 months which creates pressure to produce more and different formats (IGTV, live ……), and there are no limits. My blog is my baby, but I can choose to raise it.

I snapped this photo when we went on vacation to Hamila. Such a gorgeous outfit paired with a bold and beautiful Dior bag. I hope you enjoy the photos. After that I need to start packing for Sri Lanka! Can’t wait to go there and spend 6 days with Naina and do whatever I want.

{ outfit details }
Entire outfit: Sue Mue
Bag: Dior
Location courtesy of Hamila
Photo of me courtesy of Aman Godara
I hope you enjoyed this post!


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