The global pandemic of OCD. Yes, it’s perfect! The coronavirus has my privileged ass a little confused – I’m very comfortable and safe in my apartment and can eat fine food delivered to my doorstep, but hey, there’s more to life than just being stuck at home, right? How about all the trips I’m planning this year (and if we’re being real, the next ones), all the expensive food and cocktails I’ll be spending my money on when I go out with friends, and all the money I’ll be making! I felt attacked! Well, not actually – this is day 45 of our being on lockdown and honestly, I’m doing pretty well now. I had a rough 2 days in the middle that didn’t make any sense, but everything is fine now. Yes, if I get it, I often worry about what to do? What if I die? What if I don’t make money for 2 years in a row? What if I get really fat? What if my job industry completely changes and I can’t cope, and more disturbingly, what if I don’t want to cope? But when you actually sit down, you can find answers to almost all the questions – obviously not technical ones – like when the vaccine will come out, etc., but most everything else is pretty easy due to the privilege and sheer luck of my being born in the US Dealing with a decent financial sector of society and the effort my parents put in to give me that kind of life, I can start from there and do very well for myself and my saving skills (thanks to my middle class upbringing), which is why I can quite if I don’t make money for a while (thank you dad – for helping me shape myself into my own evening out)

If I get it, I should hopefully live to get out of it – I’m a fairly healthy person, have a fairly good diet and physical activity habits, and take it easy for most of my life. I have insurance, so that helps too.
If I die, then I can’t really plan for anything beyond that.
If I get fat? I don’t think I will. Again, because I have a very good eating lifestyle, I would say unless I drink. I eat clean most of the time and really enjoy doing yoga classes regularly, which may not be as much as people would like, but I think quality is more important than quantity – when I do yoga, I’m totally into it and willing it on my mind and body, which is important to me. I currently do yoga twice a week for 1.5 hours each time. So yes, I may gain some weight during this blockade, but it won’t be intense. Obviously, due to my swimming, I won’t be as slim and fucking awesome as I usually am in the summer, but my yoga will keep me soft and calm, which is what I probably need right now.
In my opinion, I do think influencer marketing will eventually return to its original state and maybe even get stronger, but it’s a waiting game. If it is, though, it has become so important that I don’t feel it matters anymore to practice yoga, slow down my life, and really enjoy the money and privileges I’ve accumulated and built from there.
Now I just sit back and enjoy the delicious food delivered to my doorstep, enjoy the video chats with family and friends, enjoy the cocktails Aman makes for me, enjoy my yoga, and try to think as little as possible about the near or distant future because no one has an answer for that and planning it doesn’t do much because honestly, what outcome should you plan for anyway?
The only thing I’ve been doing is spreading my investment here and there. And I’m probably getting more fun out of it than I should. Time will tell what’s a good decision and what’s not.

Just in case you haven’t figured out the purpose of this blog post yet – it’s mostly to bring me back to my senses when my mind wanders again and I start freaking out. I thought it would be a good idea to write the rationalization somewhere and share it with anyone who was interested. In the meantime, we just continued to wash our hands with soap. In my case, I washed my entire body with it and sang Go Corona!

I’d love to know what ideas you’ve been dealing with. What keeps you up at night 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the post!
I hope you enjoyed this post!


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