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For the vacation season, the Galvan team was directly inspired by Berlin-based visual artist Alicja Kwade, whose sculptures “play with perception and the interpretation of time and space”.

Drawing inspiration from Kwade’s work, the Galvan team created new interpretations of the brand’s now iconic jewelry embellishments and glittering tactile embroidery throughout the dressy collection. A seasonal palette of turquoise and midnight blue, mixed with calming neutrals and buttermilk yellows, also hinted at her work and set the tone.

The look: polished, sophisticated and tactile.

Quote: “We always look to contemporary art for inspiration, but when we walked into the Alicja Kwade exhibition at the Langone Foundation in 2019, we were struck by how ‘Galvan’ her materials and colors presented. However, the materials were never what they looked like in Kwade’s work …… Here you can see a collection where we took that concept and combined it with it,” says founder Katherine Holmgren.

Key pieces: double-breasted buttermilk boyfriend blazer and pants in viscose and linen-effect viscose (with sheer “liquid chain” tights and black floor-length robe); hand-embroidered power-knit corset dress with mirrored beadwork throughout; abstract black and ivory orchid-printed corset suits and dresses; cut-out dresses and tunics with embroidered mirror beading; signature best-selling power knit dresses and suits updated in velvet or with tassel or liquid gold chain detail; a “galvanized” foil silk petticoat.

The point: the collection’s comfortable luxury materials and signature minimalist brand DNA blend perfectly with this season’s gorgeous updates.


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