Forget everything you like on Valentine’s Day! Who even said you have to wear a pink/red/glitter dress or a dress that leaves you breathless at night in order to fit in on the “day of love”? I mean it’s all about love, so you should first and foremost love yourself, your body and your choices, not any other person/pet/guru or anything that really rocks you. That’s why I decided to gather some quick fun ideas that will relax you and hopefully inspire you to embrace your true self and help you feel comfortable in your own skin all the time while still keeping the fact that you’re trying 😉 Hey! It might even be the start of a conversation for all you know!

Personally, I’m very big on comfort when it comes to the fashion choices I make and mixing them with some bold accents. Currently, I’m obsessed with power looks that embolden you and boost your confidence (whether you have someone to celebrate the day with or not). At the end of the day, you must be able to enjoy your own company, and I’m right ladies! That’s what this boss lady looks like. Simple, carefree, comfortable (with room to expand if you want to eat more than you think), and powerful enough to kind of not mess with me. All you really need is a basic pair of solid pants (mine are elasticated at the waist, haha) and a cozy sweater with an oversized blazer over it (mine is actually the men’s section, as those usually have stronger shoulders). If you want to add an extra element of dominance, you can even bring the flames like I did. That’s it! Note that despite the fact that I carry clichéd red roses on me, I still don’t really seem to care about Valentine’s Day deep down (and even if I did, you’d never really know!)

While I usually like to keep my makeup pretty basic on most days, it’s a great medium for self-expression on certain days, and what better day than Valentine’s Day to combat the sea of rosy cheeks and red lips everywhere you look around. Use a fun, bold green eyeliner and a totally subtle nude face. Heavy eye makeup always lifts my spirits, and that makes me more active! Forget the red lip and go for something more unexpected – you’ll be surprised how much more fun and open to new things you’ll feel after that.

Going back to comfort, I also like to mix elements of traditional Indian dress. No one says you have to wear short or dead tight dresses to be ready for V-Day. Alas, if winter refuses to budge, I still want to be able to feel my extremities at the end of the day. So here I am wearing a nice angarakha style maxi dress with jeans underneath because it looks cool (this is actually the first time I’ve worn jeans under a maxi dress. Don’t know why I haven’t tried this so far!) . And I’m very comfortable and warm, so my brain can function fully when I’m talking 🙂 So far so good!

That’s it so far! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of my suggestions and that I’ve managed to inspire you to try a new or different fashion option this Valentine’s Day – not just to stand out in a crowd, but to feel comfortable expressing yourself. You do you boo! Hugs and positive empathy to everyone!


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