It’s been a while since we actually traveled to Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner, but I have so many lovely photos that I wanted to share them in one place. NB (Narendra Bhawan) is definitely a gem worth staying overnight for and honestly, hospitality you may not find elsewhere. It’s like you’re walking around the house. Of course, it helps if you are visiting with a group of people. The more I say, the better! Siddharth Yadav will go out of his way to make sure your stay is simultaneously the most comfortable and the wildest. The cherry on top is of course the dogs staying at the hotel.

It was also so fantastic to be able to relax in the pool after almost 6 months with beer, music, people and ambiance. Best unblocked ever.

NB is offering a very exciting deal that lasts until the end of September where they pay for your stay and you only pay for meals. Click here for all the details. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy all the photos we took while we were there 🙂 .

My go-to while I was there – grilled chicken salad. Yummza!


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