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Philippe Paubert continues to cultivate mixed metaphors, combining relaxed tailoring, vivid prints and sporty silhouettes that have been the foundation of his Ungaro men’s closet in recent years.

A rich palette inspired by journeys through Africa and the details of architecture and organic forms features purples and burgundies as well as bright oranges and greens.

These are incorporated into intricate digital prints with repeating graphic patterns that include subtle renderings of the label’s reworked logo. The inkjet process opens up new possibilities for detail when it comes to Ungaro’s prints, a family staple, Paubert says.

True to the label, unlined tailored pieces focus on comfort, with dappled pants and tweed visuals in stretch-knit fabrics, and blazers in textured lightweight fabrics for spring. In a more formal range, classic staples in navy, black and deep emerald are paired with outward-facing designs with glittering patterns. The latter may just be the ticket to cultivate the influencer ranks.

This season sports slightly looser fits and incorporates elements such as crisp work undershirts, wide linen pants, and more street-inspired pieces such as camouflage hooded jackets with fluorescent colors.


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