Simplicity is key.

In life, in style. Don’t get me wrong, I love a fun pattern or whimsical silhouette from time to time – but time and time again, I find myself gravitating towards simple, clean lines.

That’s why I’m excited to check out their summer collection with my friends at Oroton.

Pieces that fit seamlessly into my closet and transition with the seasons are everything I look for in clothes and accessories – and not surprisingly, Oroton checks all my boxes!

For me, elevating each day is all about adding subtle touches that make a huge impact. Like the bow on this gorgeous cotton dress, the gold hardware on this stunning bag – or just shining with the accessories.

It’s about the mundane things like going to the office, running errands or getting coffee and being intentional about them – not just the clothes you wear, but your mindset.

If you follow TikTok and IG, you may have noticed that I’ve worn this necklace a few times – and I can’t seem to get it off! I think I’ve worn the necklace and earrings every day since I got them!
Thanks again to my friends at Oroton for sponsoring this post! As we head into the holidays, I encourage you to enhance your every day like I did.


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