I haven’t worn a sari in a long time (and as many of you who know me know, the only time I’ve worn a sari in the past was during my two valedictories – 10th and 12th grade). I don’t have anything against saris – I just never learned how to tie one and I got lazy after that. I did like the way they looked and fell on my body, but the whole tying process seemed so complicated that it was a waste of my personal time, and in my younger years I always avoided “feminine” norms and looked tougher (go figure!) But recently, due to a work gig, I was sent in the direction of a sari and I’m not complaining (as long as someone ties one for me, haha)

This time, Palam Silks got in touch with me and told me I could have “fun” with the gorgeous Kanchipuram silk sarees in their “folklore” collection, which I always have fun with. So instead of going the traditional way, I wanted to make the look more interesting – in this case a little bohemian. The style I tied the sari in was probably the easiest way to put a sari on you, which made the whole shoot more inviting for me. I hope you have fun and enjoy the photos!

BTW, I was right about a hat! Sati-savitree but make it hair smooth!

Kanchipuram silk sari: Param Silk
Tights: Forever 21
My photos courtesy of Aman Godara
Location courtesy of The Westin Gurgaon
Hope you enjoyed this post!


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