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Dhruv Kapoor’s knack for streetwear with a pop of color puts him in the same league as GCDS and Soulland, with playful slogan tops, kawaii prints, reworked silhouettes and fun accessories.

His spring collection, the first he’s finally shown on the runway after several seasons of video or physical presentations, was no exception, with its square suits, some of them adorned with floral sequin embroidery, that might convince sweaty kids to venture into tailoring, layered over slim shirts.

They quickly moved on to workwear pieces that young people were already buying, such as overalls with contrast stitching paired with skinny T-shirts with comic-style floral prints, a recurring theme that was maximized in the actual comic strip prints of the shorts and short-sleeved shirt sets.

Kapoor often associates his collections with narratives too esoteric and clever to handle-think transcendent experiences and telepathy. Not this time.

Spring is just a celebration of exciting fashion offerings, including little crossbody bags in popsicle colors. That’s what’s important.


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