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Every once in a while, a pair of pants comes along that looks perfect for everyone. This is one of them. Meet the Grace Karin pants, which feature a high-waisted design and slim fit for just $28 (under $36).

But don’t be intimidated by the seemingly small waistline – it’s made with an elastic band for comfort and stretch.

“These are the best pants I’ve ever bought online or in-store!” shared one of more than 15,000 five-star reviewers. “Great, I’m writing my first Amazon review. Great for tall girls with stretch in all the right places.”

These Grace Karin pants are available in 51 different colors and styles. Here, satisfied shoppers break down why these pants are so popular.

“I’ve been looking for pants like these,” raved one shopper. “I love the lacing at the bottom, and they fit like a glove. They’re comfortable, super flattering and slim. I have nothing bad to say about these gorgeous, crazy stylish pants!”

“This material is very soft and durable,” reported one shopper. “Seriously, it’s comfortable and I love them. The pockets are huge, the waistband fits well, and the ties on the ankles stay on all day. I can’t stop raving about these pants and now I’m definitely buying other colors to find the right fit. Great work pants!”

“I love wearing these!” One excited shopper shared. “They’re lightweight, stylish and super comfortable. Dress them up, they’re versatile! These will be sitting in my closet for a while and I’m considering buying another color!”

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