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On March 25, 4-year-old Brody received his last chemotherapy for stage 3 Burkitt lymphoma, a milestone struck by many cancer patients. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the moment wasn’t greeted with the fanfare it usually does. While the boy, who lives in California, was able to have his favorite nurses, priests and child life workers present, there were no friends or family members other than his mother to attend.

June 7 — This year is National Cancer Survivor’s Day, and Brody’s for the first time since being declared “officially in remission and free of all cancer,” says mom Ali Nicole — and he’s finally getting what he deserves , all thanks to a series of scary clowns from the local horror house.

On Sunday, characters from Horror Ranch in Turlock, Calif., gathered next to Brody’s loved ones for a socially distanced drive-in parade and bell-ringing ceremony, featuring a haunted attraction with custom bells made for the boy, as he did. Obsessed with “creepy clowns,” as Mom put it.

“All my kids love horror movies,” Arianic, who declined to use her last name, told Yahoo Life. “Never thought my kids would totally love creepy clowns.

“This child has no fear,” she added. “If he says he’s scared, he’s pulling you by the chain – and probably ready to scare you himself.”

While Pennywise from It is Brodie’s favorite clown, he’s especially fond of Ranch of Horror’s colorful characters in costumes, which made headlines for offering home delivery on Valentine’s Day. While Brody’s Valentine’s Day was rescheduled when he had to go to hospital for treatment, he was later visited on St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day. It was on the last vacation that the Horror Ranch team learned he was now in remission, which inspired them to plan something special in his memory.

“Our clown immediately fell in love with the level of excitement this little guy had when he saw our scary clown,” said Heather May Ranch of Horror.

In fact, mum Ali Nicole said her son’s face was “blooming with joy” as a group of clowns in crazy masks, painted clothes and sinister smiles led a line of cars packed with good people cheering him on. Attendees also brought painted rocks to Brody’s personal rock garden, as well as gifts from staff at Horror Ranch, whom his mother now considers “very family-like”.

“It’s the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time – especially when he starts seeing his creepy clown friends,” she said. “He jumped up and down with excitement.”

It was a long overdue celebration for Brody, who was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma last December, just a month after turning 4. A week after his diagnosis, he underwent surgery, started chemotherapy, experienced kidney failure and was on dialysis. He now refers to the mark on the neck left by the catheter as a “vampire bite”.

“It was a very long, difficult time,” his mother said. “We have more bad days than good days, but we really cherish the good days.”

“He encountered one of the most terrifying monsters,” added Ranch of Horror co-owner Travis Regalo. “Scary clowns are nothing but fun and games.”


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