It was a pleasure to be part of the launch of India’s first stand-alone Armani beauty store – you can find it at Delhi Duty Free in Terminal 3 of New Delhi Airport. The launch was held at Roseate House and it was all about the red carpet and being an #ArmaniBeautyStar.

Last night was a great party with a great group of people. I have “Ecstasy Shine 401” on my lips, which by the way, has a texture I’ve never experienced before! It looks so shiny and glossy, but not sticky at all, and very moisturizing – like a lipstick with a strong moisturizing hug.

I hope you enjoyed the photos from last night. Details of my gorgeous outfit as always near the end of the post! Cheers!

{ Outfit Details }
Tunic worn as a dress: Torani Official
Necklace: eBay
Handbag: Chanel
Shoes: Carlton Hotel, London, India
Location: House of Roses
I hope you enjoyed this post!


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