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Having trouble falling asleep? TikTok is always there to help you. According to a recent viral hack, rubbing the inside of your wrist can help you knock out in two to three minutes.

This trend is being swayed by users like @youngeryoudoc, whose current hack video has 240K views and over 24K likes. In his video, he also highlights other health-related tips such as mobility and stress, while briefly explaining how and why these exercises work.

The reason rubbing the inside of your wrist can help you fall asleep is because a specific part of your body is one of several points of sleep. According to Bustle, Dr. Shari Auth, chief healing officer and co-founder of acupuncture clinic WTHN, “There are four points that start on the pinky side of the wrist crease and move up to the inside of the forearm.”

These pressure points are called Heart 4, 5, 6 and 7, and they are located on or around your hand and by rubbing them can help relieve stress, anxiety and more.

They are good for insomnia and are great for rubbing before bedtime,” she continues. Acupuncturists often use these points to treat sleep, heart palpitations and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.”


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