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Workout gear that can be placed in the corner of a bedroom or under a coffee table can greatly increase the desired burn without the monthly cost of a workout. Home gyms have become more popular than ever since the pandemic forced us to stay at home in our daily lives. Even after returning to our daily lives, we’ve all realized there are great advantages to working out within our walls. There are no monthly fees, no commuting fees, and no sharing equipment and space with strangers. Since giving up our gym memberships, many of us have definitely started working out more.

But none of us had a proper dedicated gym. Similar to the “home office” we had at our study tables or dining room tables, many of us had to cram things in the garage or the corner of our bedrooms. Well, fortunately, with the plethora of home equipment available, you can also customize your living space to function. The key here is to get fitness equipment based on your space, budget and commitment level.

Building a home gym is a lot different than a commercial fitness center. Here, you don’t have to fill your home with tons of large equipment. A few small pieces of gear can be the stars of your workout space. It could be a yoga mat, a resistance band or the most overlooked fitness yoga wear to get a gym-quality workout without ever stepping foot in a gym.

We’ve narrowed down the best fitness home equipment for your workout style and space. From yoga-related stuff to anchor your meditation to impactful portable accessories, check out the options; everything is worth your investment.

Suspension Training Equipment

A sturdy inner door or a sturdy tree branch can solve the problem. With suspension training kits, you can perform as many different exercises as you are capable of. These straps provide a full-body workout for any level of strength and mobility. You can use these straps to modify any type of workout. They allow you to use your own body weight to stretch your muscles, not just on the floor. With suspension training equipment, you can focus on a variety of workouts, from cardio to augmentation-style training.

Resistance ring exercise bands

Trying easier or harder workouts, these resistance bands allow you to test yourself as little or as much as needed. These bands may look like simple gym equipment, but they are the perfect piece of equipment for home fitness. Lightweight and slim, but still provide the performance we’re looking for. On top of that, if you sit at a desk all day, then these resistance bands can be great for targeting underdeveloped muscles in the hips and buttocks. Plus, they’re portable and compact, so they can fit into any space for easy storage.

Yoga Mat

If you fall a lot, then a yoga mat will be a great help. To make working out at home better and easier, a yoga mat is an absolute must. You can comfortably and safely perform hundreds of exercises, including plank supports, lunges, sit-ups, yoga poses, and more. Additional reasons that make these mats worth the investment are that not only do they add comfort, but they are also a great option for people with joint pain. In addition to boosting your comfort and style, you can get your workout session off to a great start by wearing yoga clothes!

Yoga Wheel

There’s nothing like the inner peace that comes from doing yoga. If you’ve ever been to a yoga studio, then you’re probably familiar with yoga props, and the yoga wheel is definitely one of them. It’s new to the world of yoga, but it packs a punch. Adding the yoga wheel to your practice can increase flexibility and provide support for difficult poses. But make sure you start by keeping you on your feet in poses that test the limits of your yoga practice. So, just go to the market for some yoga wheels and extras, and why not get some yoga clothes?


Without a doubt, the versatility of kettlebells is one of the most popular pieces of equipment when it comes to exercising. It’s also a smart way to save and get more versatility at the same time. Not only can they be used as free weights, but they can be easily swung or handled during jumps and explosive exercises. If you do a lot of movements, then these bells are suitable for a variety of lifts, including shoulder presses, push-ups, lunges, squats and lunges. But you need to consider one thing, your floor. These kettlebells can damage your floor if handled roughly, so be careful when using them.


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