It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an outfit, so I thought I’d go back to my first hobby of purely sharing outfits on the blog. It all started here, so let’s start here! A cool, eclectic dress with vintage sunglasses and my first Chanel baby <3 I took a quick peek at my friend’s place while shooting some other commercials because I really felt it deserved its own blog post – some outfits just do you’re right! I looked at myself in this dress and I thought “man, this chick looks like fun” haha. Love the bold colors of the hand-printed dress! As always, all outfit details and website links are at the end of the post, so don’t forget to scroll to the end. Hope you enjoy the photos!

{ Outfit Details }
Hand Printed Cotton Twill Dress from Jaipur, India: JODI
Direct link to buy the dress
Sunglasses: Opium Glasses
Direct link to buy them
Handbag: CHANEL
Watch: Favre Leuba
Shoes: VAPH shoes
My photos courtesy of Aman Godara
I hope you enjoyed this post!


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