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Why is it so hard to pick out a Mother’s Day gift? Maybe it’s because your mom gave you so much that nothing in the box can say enough. What helps? Several boxes. For example, an ongoing subscription gift that shows your mom how much you love her – month after month.

There are so many options in this category that it’s hard to know where to start. No need to worry. We’ve scoured the Internet to come up with a carefully curated collection for any mom. They all have one thing in common: for the right recipient, they are personal. Isn’t that the key to a great Mother’s Day gift? It’s an opportunity to say, “Mom, I see you – not just as a parent, but as a person. I know who you are, and I love you. Now open that bottle of wine and let’s have a drink.” (Okay, that last part might be a little selfish.)

Happy Mother’s Day – and if you’re a mom, don’t forget to pick up a subscription for yourself, too. We’ve got one here you’ll love.

A big basket of seasonal fruit every month

The Fruit of the Month Club has a sweet, old-fashioned ring to it, but its offerings couldn’t be more modern. This gift from fine food purveyors Harry & David is the mother lode of a fine fruit of the month worthy of Instagram. Think plump strawberries in May, honey mangoes in June and sweet cherries in July. A chef’s kiss!

She’ll get: a big basket of one seasonal fruit a month

How often: Once a month

Price: $100 for three months, $200 for six months, $290 for nine months, $350 for 12 months

Flowers all year round
A box of flowers

You can send your mom a bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day, or you can give her a Bloomsy Box subscription and send her a bouquet regularly to fill her life with fresh, fragrant flowers. This farm-to-gate flower service can deliver hand-tied mixed bouquets whenever you choose. Roses, hydrangeas, mini calla lilies and more.

What she’ll get: seasonal bouquets that take preference into account

How often: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – no commitment

Price: $45 for weekly delivery, $50 for bi-weekly delivery, $45 to $70 for monthly delivery, depending on the type of flowers selected

Beautiful, personalized hair care
Prose Hair Set

Prose takes everything into consideration to create the absolute best hair care routine for each client. Choose between two packages – Prose will send your mom a digital e-card and a consultation that needs to be filled out, and then provide a customized gift set based on her hair needs. When does she run out? A supply is on its way! The company uses natural ingredients to produce high-quality, beautifully bottled products.

What she’ll get: a personalized set of products.

Price: Custom shampoo and conditioner $50; Custom hair mask, shampoo and conditioner $88

An inspiring dining subscription box

The weekly dinner kit is a welcome break from the typical meal prep buzz. The HelloFresh meal delivery service will help change her daily life and introduce new options, which can then become part of her repertoire.

What she’ll get: All the pre-measured ingredients she needs to prepare a delicious meal based on your preferences and dietary requirements without a trip to the grocery store

Frequency: twice, three or four times per week

Price: Two meals per week for two people $59, two meals per week for four people $87, three meals per week for four people $113, four meals for four people $139 for a week or less All prices include shipping.

Yoga Anytime, Anywhere

If your mom misses her fitness routine – including her yoga classes – Gaia’s app subscription is for her. With classes ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours, the many teachers are the perfect tool to keep her moving, breathing and feeling great. There are offerings for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

What she gets: an app with hundreds of classes (from quick extensions to intensive classes for problem areas), constantly updated

How long: Anytime, anywhere

Price: No commitment monthly subscription $12 per month, annual subscription $99 per year open, $299 per year for live access.

Continuous Flow Artisan Olive Oil

Who doesn’t dream of a constant flow of quality olive oil? (Photo: Brightland)
For the home cook (or salad lover) who loves the best ingredients, there’s this delicious extra virgin olive oil. Made from hand-picked heirloom olives in California and milled early in a certified organic mill, this may be the most delicious olive oil she’s ever tasted. An absolutely sweet drizzle on roasted vegetables, soup or good bread.

What she gets: Two 375 ml bottles of organic olive oil in UV-coated glass bottles (to prevent light damage).

How often: every one, two or three months

Price: $65 per delivery (special price!)

Snacks she craves from Disneyland

If she’s a Disney fan and is frustrated with missing her annual pilgrimage to the parks, bring her the parks – or at least the park snacks. These Disney treats will make her smile and look forward to better times and future trips. Enjoy comfort food at an uncomfortable time without committing to a subscription.


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